Aircon Servicing Gem in Woodlands

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It’s the time of the year when spring cleaning and other major servicing is done to welcome the new year. It is exciting to think of the many possible and wonderful events coming my way in 2019.

Reading on the forums of hardwarezone, i chance upon an article on why you should service your aircon on a regular basis which somehow struck me that it has been 3 good years since i last did any servicing to my aircon. I cannot imagine the amount of dust and dirt being accumulated in the system which i am breathing in every night which gave me the urge to get an aircon expert in to get my aircon system sparking clean.

As always, i went onto google and started searching for an aircon servicing expert. I chance upon this company at woodlands, Jetstyle Aircon Services. With so many companies in the market, it seems quite scary that prices are being slashed but it benefits us, consumer

Their website was quite interesting seeing that their emphasis on their customer satisfaction. Most of the other websites that I visited showcase their aircon price and work done

Upon further researching and reaching, i found their google my business page which shows their list of reviews which was impressive and leads me to decide on them.

Overall, i must say, their price is extremely good for such a service and their techs were very professional which i love it. (I hate aircon guys that try to hard sell their other service) and charge me based on the amount agreed upon over the phone which was the best part.