Great website for digital door locks

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Website for Digital Door Locks Singapore

While browsing through a variety of websites to look for digital door lock for our office, i came across a few companies that i found on google. One website in particular was hddoor digital door lock.

This company is currently ranked for hdb doors but when you dig deeper into the website, you will notice that they provide a diverse range of digital door locks.

The brands they carry includes samsung digital locks, loghome digital locks and yale gateman digital locks which are the more popular brands in Singapore. What is more surprising is that the prices they offer are the cheapest when compared to the many others in Singapore

Does cheap price refers to poor service?

Surprising to our reading and finding, we realize this does not apply to hddoor digital door lock. With their low pricing strategy, their products still comes with installation and 24 months warranty.

Many of the supplies we found on qoo10 offer equally similar price but they do not provide installation which is a set back to people like us with no industry knowledge in installation.

How did they manage such low price?

Based on our understanding from the information we have gotten from their website, their focus was more on home main doors and main gate. They are probably offering their digital door locks at a value added service to their customers looking to change either their home main door or main gate.

Can we get such pricing without buying their doors?

Yes, we are able to get a quote and set an appointment for the installation without buying their other doors / gate products. There to no hidden charge which makes the deal sweeter and if you are afraid, you can always make payment first on their website which runs on a ecommerce platform to further safeguard customers on inflated pricing.

How soon can we get our digital door lock installed?

From our experience, upon calling them to express interest, we were able to fix an appointment within 24 hours. The installation was smooth since we took a photos of our existing door and did simple measurements to inform them making sure the digital door lock we choose was suitable

How do you contact them?

Their contact information is as below:

Hddoor Pte Ltd

11 Woodlands Close #08-08

Woodlands 11

Singapore 737853

Tel: +65 6589 8484